Quality policy has been developed by technical heads of production, Quality Control In-charge, management and approved by Quality Assurance In-charge. Quality management system ensures proper implementation of quality policy. Qualified, experienced and approved technical staff is engaged for carrying out various processes and tests. They are offered proper training and motivation to ensure good quality learning.
Validations, re-validations and calibrations are carried out periodically. Master validation plan is in place. The products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices(GLP), along with necessary documentations
Quality control department is fully equipped to handle testing of all raw materials, packaging materials and in-process quality checks/tests. The checks employed are as per various pharmacopoeial and in-house specifications.The quality control laboratory is equipped with new instruments like – UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Polarimeter, Moisture Balance, Automatic Karl fisher apparatus, Stability chambers, Digital balance, Distillations apparatus, Dissolution apparatus, Auto clave, pH meter, Water bath etc.